Healthcare Facility Purchasing, Remarketing & Donation Services

Origin Medical is a privately held medical equipment remarketing company here in the U.S. with worldwide vendors and customers. The focus of the company is to source and redistribute medical equipment throughout the U.S. and countries throughout the world. The goal is to ensure all surplus, used and trade-in medical equipment, even that of no value, is distributed or donated to suitable facilities. We are partnered with non-profit organizations to see that we make use of all the equipment, and not just that in which we sell. This hybrid approach allows for a facility to sell their equipment, while having the same vendor ensure that equipment donations are coordinated with the appropriate non-profit partners. Equipment of value is sold, bringing capital back into the budget, and donation receipts are provided to the facility direct from the Non-profit organizations to verify allocation of the donated equipment.

Outright Purchasing

Origin Medical will make an outright offer to purchase equipment from medical facilities via a purchase agreement. This method is best served with equipment of high value, that is due to be traded in, or simply for facilities that prefer to sell equipment in this manner. In addition, an outright purchase is based upon an as-is where is basis, and according to the terms of sale between the facility and Origin Medical.


A consignment/remarketing agreement is best suited for organizations that prefer to reduce the time invested into selling their equipment, want to reduce liability, and prefer to utilize the remarketing experience to gain the most out of their assets during the sale process. Origin Medical will take the equipment into possession (while ownership is still retained by the facility), and the equipment is then cleaned, tested, photographed, and remarketed. Upon approval from the facility, sales are handled by Origin Medical and proceeds are allocated accordingly.

Non-Profit Donations

Origin Medical has strategically positioned itself to work directly with non-profit organizations to assist with the disposition of assets that are determined to be for donation. This method ensures ALL the equipment is allocated properly, and not just the equipment of value is handled. Donation receipts from the corresponding non-profit organizations are provided to the facility.

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