Bank & Leasing – Purchasing, Valuation, and Remarketing Services

We work hard to ensure your Medical, Lab, Dental, and Veterinary assets are handled properly, and professionally. During the recovery process, the handling of the equipment during transit, and throughout the entire process of resale it is important to us to provide you with nothing but excellent service. We thank you very much in advance for giving us the opportunity to work together!

Residual Valuations

Origin Medical has a vast knowledge of the medical equipment secondary market. We provide valuations on ALL medical equipment from pumps to CT Scanners and everything in-between. In some cases, we are faced with new products to the market, and If we are not familiar with something that you are looking to finance, we will research the equipment and give you the best educated valuation upon reviewing as many resources of ours as possible. You will be provided an outline of our insight of the equipment along with the required projections for Fair Market and Orderly Liquidation Values upon request.


We go the extra mile by communicating with each party making sure to recover all the necessary components, accessories, and equipment. Starting with the review of equipment, the proper way to handle and remove the equipment,and to ensuring secure transit.

Removal, Packing & Logistics

Medical, Lab, Dental, and Vet assets are required to be handled properly, and in cases of removal of larger installed items, it is important to have the right engineers and hands on the job. We select the right crating, packing, and logistics partners to work with who handle the pickup, packing and transport so that each piece of equipment arrives safely to its destination.


The remarketing is something that should be done properly, and with Origin Medical you can expect that the equipment will be cleaned, tested, photographed and sent to our network of buyers, as well as being listed on a number of internet marketing channels. We will do our very best to ensure we get you the best return on your assets that we possibly can!

Out Right Purchasing

Origin Medical will make an outright offer to purchase equipment as-is, at its current location or upon receipt. This method is best served with equipment that is installed and will require removal. It is also a preferred option if you need to have a faster resolution for early termination circumstances. We arrange all inspections, removal, and coordinate the logistics every time. There is no need for you or the client to have to be burdened with these tasks that we handle on a regular basis.

We are ready to get started with you today! Please reach out to discuss how we can work together moving forward! We look forward to hearing from you, and appreciate you taking the time to consider us. Call or email us 1-877-674-4469 or